Abuja-Kaduna Train: Terrorists threaten to slaughter captives

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The Ansaru terrorists group that attacked the Kaduna-Abuja train in March has threatened to begin slaughtering the victims in their custody.

Theeditorial.ng reported last week that one of the victims was critically injured after being shot by one of the abductors which they claimed was an accidental discharge.

Audio in circulation yesterday was believed to be a voice of one of the group members threatening to slaughter the victims because the government failed to seek their release.

Confirming the authenticity of the audio, a Kaduna based publisher, Tukur Mamu, who has been an intermediary between the group and the government, said the audio was real and the group had fixed Wednesday (today) to carry out the threat.

He said “These people became provoked on Monday after giving us another opportunity. I was crying and pleading with them on audio that since there is a delay from the government why can’t they discuss with the family members directly to negotiate the victims’ release. So based on the plea they agreed to negotiate directly with the victims’ families.

“But they said they are giving us till Wednesday that if there is nothing concrete from those that are interested in negotiation they will start slaughtering some of the victims.”

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