Drama! Magistrate ends proceedings abruptly after lawyer appears in priestly attire

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There was drama at a magistrates’ court in Anambra on Thursday as proceedings were disrupted when a lawyer appeared in court dressed as a Christian cleric.

According to The Punch, the court’s proceedings were in progress smoothly when a case was called for hearing.

A lawyer, Ogbachalu Goshen, reportedly stepped out and announced himself as the defence’s counsel, dressed in priestly attire.

The magistrate, CB Mbaegbu, was reported to have said Goshen cannot appear in the courtroom dressed in an attire different from what the profession demands.

The lawyer reportedly objected, citing a recent ruling by the supreme court that permits hijab use in Lagos schools.

The magistrate was said to have declined to hear the lawyer’s case as the back and forth argument went on.

Subsequently, Mbaegbu reportedly got up and left the courtroom, compelling the court’s proceedings to end abruptly.

A similar incident played out days ago in Lagos when the judge of a federal high court, refused to hear the cases filed by Malcolm Omirhobo for appearing before the court dressed as a ‘juju priest.’

Omirhobo attributed his decision, which he said is his fundamental right, to the apex court’s ruling affirming the wearing of hijab in schools.

The court’s judgment has elicited mixed reactions from Nigerians.

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