Eze Indigbo council laments Lagos election violence, demands release of Eze Mozie

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THE Supreme Council of Eze Ndigbo Lagos has described the March 18, 2023 Governorship and State Assembly Elections as the worst in the state.
The group called for the immediate and release of their colleague Eze Chinedu Mozie.
The Council explained that Mozie was arrested and detained by the police in Lagos after the elections.
The Council is made of Ezes  Dr.Vincent Iwobi, Eze NdiIgbo Shasha and Obi Anioma of Lagos; Chukwu Akalika Madu, Eze Ndigbo Oriade; Jude Nnaemeka Arinze, Eze Ndigbo Okota/Isolo; Dr. John Nwosu,
Eze Ndigbo and Asiwaju Ndigbo Mushin, and Chukwuemeka Sylvanus Onuaha,
Eze Ndigbo Iba.
The group explained that their detained colleague had earlier hinted on
threat to life by some persons of Yoruba  extraction in his community on the need to stay off the street on the election day because any Igbo speaking
tribe who comes out for the purpose of casting his vote on the day would be severely dealt with.
Speaking on behalf of the Ezes, Eze Dr.
Vincent Iwobi who doubles as the Vice Chairman of the Supreme Council
of Eze Ndigbo Lagos State said, “On Saturday March 18, 2023, Eze Mozie went out as the leader of Igbo
community in Ibasa River-rine to exercise his constitutional right of
franchise; in the cause of doing that, he was accosted by the Oba of
Ibasa River-rine who bluntly told him that the Igbos are no longer
allowed to participate in any electoral process in Lagos State; that
it is an order from above.
“Eze Mozie told him that he has the
constitutional right as a tax payer in the state to exercise his voting right in his place of domicile.This explanation fell on deaf ears as the Oba authorised the youths of the community together with
masquerades to resist the Igbo community led by Eze Mozie from casting their votes by manhandling them.
“In a twinkle of an eye, it degenerated into physical exchange of blows wherein, cudgels, broken
bottles, cutlasses and all manners of weapons including guns were used
against Eze Mozie and the Igbo
“Consequently, Eze Mozie tried to defend himself to avoid being lynched and ran into the Palace of the same Oba who immediately summoned the police to effect his arrest and he is presently being detained at the SCIID Pant, even as he was profusely bleeding from
all parts of his body as a result of the injuries sustained.
“Suffice it to mention that it is an inalienable right of every Nigerian to
reside in his place of choice in the country. We passionately appeal
that his Excellency, the Executive Governor of Lagos State, Babajide
Olusola Sanwo-Olu, to treat this matter with the urgency it demands and
get the detained Eze release forthwith to avoid further breakdown of law and order.”

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