Brymo apologises for derogatory talk against Igbo people

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Singer, Brymo, has apologised for his remarks widely interpreted as derogatory against the Igbo people.

The singer was at the receiving end of a backlash for saying the Igbo people are not yet ripe for the presidency.

He had also taken a swipe at Chimamanda Adichie, the author, who is also of Igbo extraction, for accepting a chieftaincy title while rejecting a national award.

Brymo argued that Adichie’s decision hurts the chances of Peter Obi, an Igbo presidential candidate, winning the 2023 election.

But in a follow-up Twitter post that riled even more of his fans, Brymo used an expletive word to dismiss an argument made by a fan in support of the Igbo.

“F**k the Ndi Igbo! To hell with it!” the singer had written in reaction to the said fan’s tweet.

In response, thousands petitioned to strip Brymo’s nomination for the 8th All Africa Music Awards.

Brymo went on live video to clarify that the issue began after Adichie’s refusal to accept a national honor.

He said, “It is very important you understand that this entire fracas began with me seeing in the media that Chimamanda Adichie refused some national honours and had picked up some traditional title in the East at home.”

The singer also clarified that he didn’t insult the tribe but was trying to give his opinion on an important issue.

“I did not insult the tribe. I am sorry to anyone to whom it sounded as such. I was trying to weigh into a very important matter,” he added.


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