I’m sorry! I misled congregants, tithing not biblical, says American preacher

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American preacher, Creflo Dollar, who has been an advocate of tithing, has apologised to his congregants, urging them to do away with books, tapes, and videos he made on the topic.
The preacher admitted he’s been preaching the wrong gospel when it comes to tithes, stressing that tithing is Old Testament teaching and no longer relevant for New Testament believers.
Creflo Dollar who recently made the confession during one of his Sunday sermons titled, ‘The Great Misunderstanding’ cited Romans 6: 14 in the Holy Bible to buttress how Christians now live under grace and not the laws of the Old Testament.
He said, “Romans 6: 14, ‘For sin shall not have dominion over you; for ye are not under the law, but under the grace,’ you are under grace not under laws.”
The preacher, however, told his congregants that he’s not suggesting that Christians should water down their act of giving while saying tithing is an old testament thing.

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