Life challenges influenced my song ‘Grace’, says Hammed Akinsanya

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Hip hop singer, Akinsanya Olakunle Hammed, has said challenges of life influenced one of his songs, ‘Grace.’

The singer, in an interview with our correspondent, said he went through rough patches of life with his parents but the grace of God located them and things are getting better.

He said, “My story inspired my song ‘Grace’, the kind of lifestyle my parents and I lived before I travelled to live with my uncle.

“We faced some life challenges and it was really tough. I say some in the music, thank God for his Grace on me and my family.”

The hip hop act explained that apart from singing, he has two other businesses as his source of income now, adding that, “I think with the little I earn from there and God’s grace I will step up to the next level Insha Allah.”

Apart from the challenges, the financial issues which he said the family faced, there are other embarrassment he had experienced, especially “some embarrassment I faced in shows I wasn’t invited and we must go to show talents I think this is the stage for it, so I’m still coping with it.”

Talking about his lyrics, Akinsanya said his lyrics are unique and “I believe they will touch souls when listening to it.”

Akinsanya looked forward to going into collaboration with some artistes in his upcoming album, believing that the sky is his starting point in his musical career.

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