Show promoter, Portable trade words with over pending N20 billion suit

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A show promoter identified as Aare Almaroof has called out Portable over a lawsuit of N20 billion.

It was gathered that Portable was sued by a promoter for the said sum over a botched show in the United States of America.

A few days ago, he had cried out that his former manager had secured a contract with an international promoter who promised to get him a US visa.

He said he was denied a visa five times on his several visits to the embassy.

The singer said, now that he has gotten a new promoter who is ready to get him the US visa, a representative from the other entertainment group is asking for N20 billion in damages.

In a video that surfaced online, Almaroof countered that Portable was denied the visa because he insulted the embassy’s consular and lied about his entourage.

“All these things you’re saying about Wale Bouncer, you didn’t tell people that you insulted the immigration on your first deal.

“Secondly you also said refunded N2 million twice but you sent the money twice, one million naira each. The way you behave isn’t the way life is done.

“With your behavior, all promoters will run from you. If you continue like this, promoters will run from you.

“You were asked at the embassy about your entourage and you said you didn’t know them. How will you be given the visa?

“Even if you carried Buhari and the most powerful kings, you won’t be given the visa. Because you lied and also insulted the consular,” Almaroof said.

Portable has been involved in a series of controversies over the past few months alone.

Earlier, the singer claimed to have founded a cult that had terrorised residents in parts of Lagos state years back.

He had also threatened to assassinate rival musicians who were nominated alongside him in The Headies 2022.

The police, as a result, ordered a probe into the cult claim while The Headies ultimately disqualified him.

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