Someone wants to blackmail me with my private video — actress Lizzy Jay (Omo Ibadan) cries out

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Nigerian actress, Lizzy Jay, has raised the alarm over a blackmail attempt by an individual threatening to release a private video she sent to her doctor.

In an Instagram post, the actress said she had fallen ill and had a severe allergic reaction to antibiotics and opioids.
She said she contacted her doctor, who she sent a video of her rash via Snapchat, and immediately deleted it.
Lizzy Jay added that the doctor prescribed alternative medications and advised her to discontinue the use of antibiotics.

“Few months ago, I was terribly sick. I was placed on a lot of antibiotics and opioids,” she said. I started reacting badly to these drugs, I started having skin itch, rashes in my private parts. I had to chat up my doctor and he requested that he would like to see what the rash looks like.

“I made a video of my private part showing my pile and the rashes. As soon as I sent it to him, he told me what to buy and asked me to stop every antibiotics. I made the video using my Snapchat and as soon as I sent it, I deleted it immediately.”
The actress said she has since been dealing with comments on her social media from someone claiming to have her nudes.
She also said she believes her Snapchat account was hacked, and the hacker is now threatening to release the video.

“Someone has been commenting on my page talking about having my nude. One of my email accounts was hacked last year,” she added.

“This person probably had access to my Snapchat and waited till he saw something implicating.”

Lizzy Jay is known for her roles in ‘Dear Affy’ (2020), ‘Dubara’ (2021) and ‘The Order of Things’ (2022).

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