Wa-ha-la! Angry fans pelt Portable with bottles at Small Doctor’s Agege concert [VIDEO]

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There was drama as angry fans threw plastic bottles at Portable, the controversial singer, during a concert organised by Small Doctor in Agege on Friday.

Portable was among the artistes enlisted for the concert titled ‘Afro and the Beats’.

The concert, according to The Cable was held at the Agege Stadium in Lagos state.

The drama started when Small Doctor introduced the ‘Zazoo Zeh’ crooner to the audience but was vehemently rejected by the crowd.

In now-viral videos, members of the audience were seen throwing bottles at him.

Apparently cheesed off, Portable fired back at the audience, saying they “invited a madman”.

“Agege, the devil cannot build a house close to Jesus…know what you are doing, you are the one that invited a madman, you will see madness,” he said

His remark further infuriated the audience, with many of them asking him to leave the stage.

Small Doctor tried to intervene as he pleaded with the audience for calm.

“It won’t be well with anyone that disrespects you, do you want to put me to shame? Please don’t be angry,” he told the audience.

But the aggrieved crowd insisted Portable must leave the stage.



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