Why I sing about bums, boobs in my latest single ‘Chokum’- Japhman

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The song by Japhet Attah Egwumah a.k.a Japhman titled “Chokum” since its release on September 11, 2022 has been enjoying rave reviews from different quarters.

While some have praised the singer and songwriter for the effort, others appear to feel he has denigrated women in the song by bringing their ‘privates’ to the public.

But the singer in a chat with Vanguard dispelled such notion, stating emphatically that he loves women too much to denigrate them, while affirming that the song was meant to appreciate them and their beauty.

“Chokum was written with the main intention of honouring women and their beauty. The song is mostly about appreciating the curves and attractiveness of a woman’s body. Every woman is built differently, some are petite and slim, while some are tall and thick.

“Some women have small boobs and butts, while others are more endowed – the song ‘Chokum’ is about appreciating the beauty that comes with every uniquely built shape. Every woman in the world is beautiful and sexy in their own way and I just wanted to express that through my song. So the word – CHOKUM is a slang meaning self appreciation ( I got it all in me ),’ he explains.

Before “Chokum” ruffled the music scene, Japhman had confirmed his identity in the music space with songs like Thank God, Low and Yan Matter where he was featured by Donblaqwifi. Chokum was produced by Donblaqwifi and written by Japhman himself.

Japhman graduated from Kogi State University with a Bachelor’s degree in physics. He started his professional career in 2004 at Kogi State University, having his first performance on stage alongside w P-Square in 2005.

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